Lasting–you mean longer than 8 days?

It must seem to readers that I am always blathering on (blathering? Is that a word?)  about lasting relationships……which of course I am, and why the site is called  OK, fine.  But you may wonder how long I mean when I say lasting. Well,  I want relationships to last as long as they are satisfying for both partners.  I hope this site is helping make that happen, and in an ideal world, lasting would mean as long you both shall live….’til the end of time….forever and a day….’til the cows come home.  Pick whichever you like best.

And I would never argue that in one night, no matter how magical that night was, a couple could have the kind of meaningful interaction that I hope characterizes lasting relationships.  Not in one night,  nor even in seven nights.  I just read an article about the actor Dennis Hopper.  The article listed the names of the three women he been married to and then added that he also had been married to Michelle Phillips (of the band the Mamas and the Papas) for eight days.  He is quoted as saying “Seven of those days were pretty good. The eighth day was the bad one.”

So, I am sure that lasting needs to be longer than one night and longer than eight days.  No matter how good the first seven are.

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