Welcome to HelpingRelationshipsLast.com

Our goal is to provide information and serve as a resource for couples in relationships. Through psychological science we are learning more and more about relationship dynamics and we will work to translate this research into terms everyone can understand and use.

As often as possible (and eventually once each week), I will have a blog post addressing an important relationship issue. In addition, we will offer a selection of eBooks addressing important issues in relationships. The blog posts are free (of course) and all our eBooks will sell for the same low price: USD $3.99.

We believe firmly in the value of science and research and know this information is useful only when it is available for all to use.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.


About Alan Strathman

Alan has spent 24 years as a professor of psychology at the University of Missouri. He is the founder of HelpingRelationshipsLast.com and contributes content regularly through blog posts and e-books that communicates the findings of psychological research on relationships. If you would like more information about Alan, please visit alanstrathman.com.